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Photo by Caryn DeCarlo Brown

marie dudek brown

Our language creates the world in which we live.  Consider when you were a child and you said, "Today, I am Superman," or "Today, I am a princess."  And so for the entire day, that's what you created.  As we grew into adults, we got busy in the doing of tasks and creating may have slowly disappeared from our world.

Creating Today is the prompt for you to take one minute and create your day.  Take on the practice for one month.  Create your day and see what happens. 

The practice of Creating Today came about as a daily practice for Marie.  It evolved as a structure of answering a question, "What possibilities have you created for yourself and your life?" on a bi-weekly status report (which she completed for a nine-month workshop). Previous Creating Today’s are available for viewing at

Creating Today, the company, provides support to individuals and families after the suicide death of a loved one. By putting a name to a face, Creating Today heightens understanding of the importance of mental health and suicide awareness through a multi-faceted approach, including presentations, workshops, displays, peer-led support groups and counseling.

Marie Dudek's beautiful, 22-year old daughter, Natalie Gillett, ended her own life in June of 2003.  Since that time, Marie has taken on working through her own trauma, grief and bereavement to the space where joy is once again possible.  Marie has moved from surviving into thriving.  She is now supporting others on their own journeys of self-discovery.