In June of 2003, my beautiful 22-year old daughter, Natalie Gillett, took her own life.  Working through depression since high school, her pain was too much to go on.  I miss her immensely.

My daughter was a gifted artist.  I remember traveling to NYC on a train when she was about eleven years old, and how the passengers marveled at her sketches as they passed her seat.  In high school, Natalie fell in love with photography and spent two years in New York studying at the School of Visual Arts.  Once, when we visited Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Natalie took four or five rolls of film of the gorgeous tigers, one of her favorite animals, in a matter of minutes.

In contemplating on Natalie’s photographs and artwork, I realized I want others to see her creativity for what it was.  It saddens me that no future works will be developed, but it tears deeply at my soul that her works will not be seen at all. 

In September of 2004, with a group of Natalie's friends, we created

not unnoticed   the works of natalie gillett

to showcase 70 of Natalie's photographs.  At the exhibit, several other people told me they, too, had lost a loved one that was an artist. 

In April 2005, we held the unNOTiced exhibit showcasing a collection of artists' works, including music, painting, poetry, sculpture, writing, needlepoint, stained glass and photography. 

unNOTiced invite_single (2).jpg

What an amazing event! 

You may view photographs of the event in our gallery.


The unNOTiced Display is a traveling exhibit, combining several artists' works from the first two displays with additional artists' works from the local area.  If you would like to display the artwork of a loved one, please send an email to for further information.